About Us

GazeKart – an impression which has been trapped as an idea. The gist of the name is ‘filling your cart with wonderful kinds of stuff to make other people gaze at it’. It is that simple; with some craziness, we started our journey from here.

Have you ever thought - what is that exact thing which gives a shopper immense pleasure? Is it the latest product or the hardcore bargaining you did at the store? GazeKart is a place which brings both kinds of satisfaction to its technophilic customers. Discover technology pool of various electronic gadgets including audio & video devices, power banks, wearable smart devices and refurbished mobiles or smartphones at lightening deals and prices.

Spirit Of GazeKart

We are a team of techno-lovers, founded in 2017. And we are in a mission to spread this craze with our exhausting range of electronic products.  

India’s economy is booming and stay connected is the next thing in this revolutionary commercial world. The spiking graph of products' prices has lead us thinking something feasible to make electronic gadgets available and reachable to everyone.

Now, be it the boy next door whose pocket money is peanuts or grandma whose potli is filled with sweets only, electronic gadgets are available for everyone out there.

“Stay connected because the feeling of being loved is incredible.”

Vision & Mission

The high demand for electronic gadgets and day by day progressive advancements in this area has pushed our boundaries as well. GazeKart with a team of 100+ millennials (or around) has shaped up a dream of availing electronic gadgets and connecting Indians together for every ebb of life.

Fusing the electronic gadgets with better features like extended RAM or battery capacity and affordable costing, GazeKart’s vision is to keep India technologically advanced.

Keeping the best brands on our aisles and competitive prices along with them, GazeKart is serving its bit to keep Gen X first in the race.

Customer’s gratification is our sole desire. Don’t hesitate to write to us directly if you have any feedback, query, concerns or suggestions.