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The use of services is subject to acceptance and compliance with all terms of conditions. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before making any kind of buying decision with www.gazekart.com. We recommend you to pay huge attention and read all terms carefully while using our website:

1. Terms of Use

1.1 By accessing to the website, mobile application or any media component, you are either registered or guest user in terms of the eligibility and you (“Users”) completely agree to be bound any Terms and additional Terms of the third party (“Sellers”). Acceptance of these terms is your agreement to be bound by our company policy. If you do not wish to be bound, do not subscribe or use our services.

1.2 In the reference “you” or “user” means the end user accessing to the content of the website, using its services and browsing the products while “Service Provider” means the third party or the sellers. The terms like “we”, “us”, “our” and the “company” means to www.gazekart.com

1.3. The content you are reading is an electronic form of record and it does not need physical or digital signatures, form filling process while confirming agreement between both of the parties – “users” and “sellers”

1.4. www.gazekart.com operates as a marketplace only. It does not directly involve in the process of the transactions between “Users” and “Sellers” and therefore we do not have any control over any type of safety content, morality, quality, and legality.

1.5. Any sale/discount/voucher/pre-paid instrument/contest shown time to time shall be the subject to the third party or the seller. We are not responsible for any kind of change.

1.6. Our company reserves the right to add or change the terms any time and these changes will come in effect after they are posted on the website. You will be notified to agree with the modified terms.

2. Eligibility to use

2.1. Any minor who desire to use or transact will need to complete the process through their legal guardian/parents.

2.2. The company reserves rights terminating the membership of any user if it is found that the person is under the age of 18 years.

2.3. Use of terms declares that the user is of legal age or older or capable to bind the contract.

3. Listing and Selling of Products

3.1. All of the products listed on our websites from the sellers warrant that they are legally permitted for selling, provide an accurate description, including text, and pictures that could be changed after our company permits from time to time.

3.2. By confirming, you acknowledge our website is just a facilitator. It is or cannot be a party that controls transaction, the sale of Products, and other things.

4. Shipping and Delivery of the Products

4.1. All Products shall be delivered to “Users” through standard courier service by www.gazekart.com on behalf of Sellers or by the Sellers. There may be a charge on all orders on behalf of the sellers and is completely non-refundable. The customer does have any right to raise any objection.

4.2. Our company shall not be responsible if there is a delay in delivery and also we are liable for any damage type of damage caused due to mishandling of logistic partner.

4.3. Estimated delivery shall be displayed on the product description page and users will receive an email of complete summary and estimated delivery time for the given location. Sometimes, the delivery may take a little longer time due to bad weather, political disruptions, flight delay, and other unforeseen circumstances.

4.4. If a product delivered in a damaged condition, the seller shall replace the same as per its replacement policy.